GD206 Opera Recital - Oghnyan Nicolov - tenor



About artist

Oghnyan Nikolov

Having started his career in the last decade of the 20th century, Oghnyan Nikolov became famous as a master of interpreting such trying parts as Scipione, Idomeneo and Titus, all of them from operas by Mozart. An amazing balance of registers and technical skills, combined with musical talent and beautiful voice are features characteristic of the tenor, who has already become popular not only in his native country but also in a number of European opera theatres. Of special merit are his interpretations of Baroque and Early-classical music. At the same time the density of his voice enables him to perform tenor parts from operas by Verdi and Puccini, which makes the release of particular artistic value.

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About the work

Participating: Elena Stoyanova, oprano
Rumyana Petrova, mezzo-soprano
Sofia Symphony Orchestra
Boris Hinchev, conductor

[1] "Fuor del mar"- Idomeneo 6'38"
[2] "E la solita storia del pastore" - L'Arlesiana 3'59"
[3] Duet "Un di felice" - La Traviata 3'14"
[4] "Lunge da lei… De' miei bollenti spiriti" - La Traviata 3'48"
[5] Duet "Oh!... tu qui… Va, crudele" - Norma 10'57"
[6] "Ah tutto intesi" - Turco in Italia 6'15"
[7] "Che gelida manina…" - La Bohème 4'25"
[8] Duet "O soave fanciulla" - La Bohème 3'49"
[9] "E lucevan le stelle" - Tosca 3'08"
[10] "Di che sei l'arbitra" - Il sogno di Scipione 7'41"
DDD 54'36"

Recorded in March 1999

The cultural wealth of Bulgaria is suggested by the number and quality of singers who have achieved international stature. We are pleased to present some of them here - The Bulgaria Opera Miracle - .

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