Necklace with frivolite patterns



About artist

Rumiana - Lace maker

In the beginning it was the lace…In grandma’s chest there were many things which raised the question “How was this made?”. Unfortunately, while she was still alive and i could have asked the question, i had no interest in sewing and needlework (as i could hardly sew my torn button). Later in life it took me quite a long time to find the masters to learn from(as there was still no Internet) and step by step I went through all lace making techniques. Some I liked, others not but the process gave me the chance to get in touch with a completely new world for me, a world of beauty and perfection. Once Internet was launched, i satisfied my curiosity browsing to find out what other lace makers do, mainly in the Russian-speaking part of the world. That is how i came across the works of E. Stepnaya, which were made in the technique i knew little of the frivolite style. That is how i also discovered the ankars style which became not only a pastime activity but my passion. I have won many Bulgarian and international contests in the field of lace making. However, the most important was the pleasure i derived from the process of creating something elegant and beautiful. Maybe that is why my works of art have many followers, customers and admirers.

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About the work

Luxury packaging & free delivery to any hotel in Sofia. Materials: polyester silk thread and Japanese metalized thread, Japanese and Czech beads and facet Czech rhinestones and glass pearls. The product is handmade and sometimes there may be differences between the picture and the product up to 5%.

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