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Ciela was founded in 1991 as a company developing law and business software. Soon after it turned into a small publishing house in the field of law. Today we are the leading Bulgarian press publishing more than 250 titles a year in hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audio formats - all in our own state-of-the-art printing facilities. In the year 2012 a project for introduction of digital technology for print on demand has been successfully implemented and financed by EU funds for BGN 1,7 million. In 2006 we launched our first book store in Sofia, and now we own and manage over 20 book stores all over the country. 

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Ivan Mihalev and Elina Tsankova's travel guide is in English! In order for our friends and acquaintances from other countries to get around, everything from the highest mountain to the furthest place. If you love to travel, if you are curious to find new places, if you often choose side roads instead of driving on the highway, this book is for you. You will find information about 101 of the most colorful places in Bulgaria. For some you have heard from friends, others you have seen pictures on the internet, and others are completely unknown to you. The "101 Byways" places are of the last type. Most of them do not fall in tourist guides - but they should be included in your personal weekend escape list. Mountain peaks, caves, waterfalls, fruit, wine, the place with the best view - it does not matter, the highway breaks will take you to something nice.

We hope to meet on the road. Have a pleasant trip!

Authors: Ivan Mihalev & Elina Tsankova

Translator: Borislav Stefanov

Date of issue: June 2017

ISBN: 978-954-28-2378-0

Pages: 256

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