Bulgarie: La nature, Les hommes, Les civilisations



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Ciela was founded in 1991 as a company developing law and business software. Soon after it turned into a small publishing house in the field of law. Today we are the leading Bulgarian press publishing more than 250 titles a year in hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audio formats - all in our own state-of-the-art printing facilities. In the year 2012 a project for introduction of digital technology for print on demand has been successfully implemented and financed by EU funds for BGN 1,7 million. In 2006 we launched our first book store in Sofia, and now we own and manage over 20 book stores all over the country. 

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About the work

Une mer jalouse de ses secrets, des montagnes majestueuses, des lacs cristallins, des forteresses antiques et des trésorsuniques. Les traces des premiers hommes ayant parcouru l’Europeet du plus ancien or ouvragé du monde, des vestiges derites occultes et de traditions mystiques. Des phénomènes rocheux, des sources minérales, des habitats d’animaux rares etdes voies de migration d’oiseaux. Une population chaleureuseet bienveillante, des villages fleuris et des villes hospitalières,respectueuses du passé et tournées vers l’avenir.

C’est cela, la Bulgarie.

Authors: Nikolai Genov & Rumqna Nikolova

Translators: Stanimir Delchev, Lubica Pirgova-Grudeva, David Mosup

Artistic layout: Bilqna Slavova

Translation from: French & English

Date of issue: March 2016

ISBN: 978-954-28-1962-2

Pages: 424

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