Knitted socks 14 - 100 % - wool



About artist

The Authentic makers

The authentic makers of woollen socks and slippers are Bulgarian women from the Rhodope and Pirin Mountains. Our company provides them with high-quality dyed wool (with colors resistant to washing detergents, which don’t fade) and they hand-sew the woollen socks and slippers. They make them in the way they were taught to do it by their grandmothers, who also learned the technique from their grandmothers, and that is how the tradition goes on for centuries. This art of woollen slippers making is kept in those women’s souls and each one of them is a pure “artist”. They don’t hold Master Certificates but their pieces of art are the testimony of their craftsmanship. Looking at the ready products I wonder how they manage to combine the colors in such a way.

The photos we have published on our website cannot convey the true beauty and mood of these slippers and socks. Looking at them you will find it difficult to say which is “the most beautiful”. They are all gorgeous and they all carry positive mood and energy which can boost your spirit. 

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About the work

Knitted socks are a colourful fairy tale from the peaks of Pirin and Rhodoppes. With a great deal of imagination and skill, masters intertwine the colours of nature in them. Women's socks are rich in colours while men wear simpler models.

The product is handmade and sometimes there may be differences between the picture and the product up to 5%.

Women socks

100 % wool

The color is water resistant

Product of Bulgaria

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