Hand Cream with Rose Oil and Smart Capsul - 75 ml.



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Rossana Labs

Holistic wellness is our passion, purpose, and promise.

The essence of the rose is our inspiration, intrinsic core and natural impulse. Aspiring to promote the felicitous confluence of rose petals and sunshine, we at Rossana Labs harness the inherent agency for well-being, health, and beautycontained in both, and naturally interlace them with each other to bolster, enrich, and balance their essential qualities. Founded in 2014, we are an energetic family-owned company, set up to advocate holistic care for body and mind. We integrate carefully selected time-honored traditional practices with cutting edge innovation and contemporary technology to deliver to you the copious benefits of superior-grade Bulgarian rose oil in the form of our exclusive sun-care productsAnd then we work with nature. We let it pamper your soul and skin and we embolden it to boost your unique beauty with an enchanting mix of rose oil scents and sun rays. Now you can freely savor each moment of your day without further worry about sunburn, long-term skin damage, or harm to your health, all the while revelling in the fact that you are one of a kind.

If you want to learn more about Bulgaria, please, visit www.tour4fun.info .

About the work

Inspired by the latest innovations in intelligent cosmetics, Rossana Rose Oil Hand Cream is a high-end auto-adaptive sensory solution for soft, silky, and youthful skin, especially designed to meet the expectations of even the most discerning of skin care consumers. Anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and energizing natural Bulgarian rose oil – an active ingredient integral to all Rossana Labs products – helps brighten, balance and even out the skin tone, while caressing the senses with gentle, sensual aromas. Responsive to diverse climatic conditions, this remarkable intelligent moisturizing skin guard visibly improves dermal texture and provides comfort and protection from seasonal fluctuations as a luxurious, ultra-thin invisible glove. In cold and dry weather, the cream creates a soft, soothing film to shield and nourish the skin. In hot and humid conditions, it stabilizes the skin’s sensory features, removes oily residues, and supplements it with a unique, sumptuous scent of roses.

Apply the cream onto the clean, dry skin of your hands. Massage gently until it absorbs fully.

SMART CAPSUL (Hydrophilic capsule) consists of rose oil "enveloped" in Hyoronic acid. The capsule penetrates the dermal layer of the dermis. There it "cracks" and "pushes out" the toxins and tightens the smooth muscles. The application technology of SMART CAPSUL, at the cellular level, is patented in the patent offices of Bulgaria and the European Union.

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