The Sword of khan Kubrat - gold-plated - diminutive version



About artist


TANGRA - the name of the foundation is a popular sound of the name of the god of the ancient Bulgarians, which, according to scientific research, means a philosophical trinity from the concepts of TAN (universe), NAC
(man), RA (god). It expresses one of the earliest conceptions of the unity and harmony of the world. Written records of this date back to the first millennium BC. TANGRA is one of the most ancient religious and cultural concepts in the history of mankind.

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About the work

Since ancient times, the sword is a basic ruler's attribute, a symbol of the sacred authority, power and might of its owner. In 1912 near the village of Malaya Pereshchepina, present day Ukraine, the archaeologists stumble upon a treasure - funeral gifts in the necropolis of the Bulgarian ruler Khan Kubrat (632-665).

  • luxury packaging & free delivery to any hotel in Sofia
  • made of steel and brass, gold-plated
  • length 31 cm.
  • box (black and red velvet, 36 x 10.5 cm.)
  • passport in Bulgarian and English language
  • metal plate for engraving an inscription
  • the case also serves as a vertical stand

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