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TANGRA - the name of the foundation is a popular sound of the name of the god of the ancient Bulgarians, which, according to scientific research, means a philosophical trinity from the concepts of TAN (universe), NAC
(man), RA (god). It expresses one of the earliest conceptions of the unity and harmony of the world. Written records of this date back to the first millennium BC. TANGRA is one of the most ancient religious and cultural concepts in the history of mankind.

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- small in size but cozily hosting in its 111 000 kmvalleys and fields, rivers and lakes, mountains and a sea;

- the god-blessed land, which combines the spring murmur of the rivers, the magnificent winter whiteness of the mountains, the sunny summer, infused with the aroma of herbs and sea and the generosity of crimson golden autumn;

- the fertile land which bears the fruit of the hard-working Bulgarians and its children the future of Bulgaria.


- the country born at the crossroads of ancient cultures, which united Bolgars, Slavs and Thracians. The country which gave meaning to their ideals and preserved their heritage.

- the land, which inspired its people to create the unique diversity of colours, songs and rhythms.

- the country, which created unique cultural and scientific heritage, contributing to the development of the human civilization.


- the land of the Bulgarians who survived the challenges of history but remained true to the name Bulgarians and the Bulgarian kin from the time they stepped on these lands till present days. The Bulgarians who keep the holy feeling in their heart the pride to be children of Bulgaria.

- a country which believes in the future its own and that of the world around it. A country which wants to preserve the laughter of its children, the eagerness for development and success of its young people and the wisdom of its elders.

- a country which is part of the world an honorable and benevolent member in the big family of nations;

This is Bulgaria. There are still many more things to be seen and felt about it.

  • ISBN 978-954-378-020-4
  • parallel text on bulgarian and english language
  • format 24,5 x 32,5 cm.
  • 232 p.
  • full color edition
  • solid binding
  • individual packaging

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