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TANGRA - the name of the foundation is a popular sound of the name of the god of the ancient Bulgarians, which, according to scientific research, means a philosophical trinity from the concepts of TAN (universe), NAC
(man), RA (god). It expresses one of the earliest conceptions of the unity and harmony of the world. Written records of this date back to the first millennium BC. TANGRA is one of the most ancient religious and cultural concepts in the history of mankind.

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About the work

The compilation of authors includes one of the most honourable Bulgarian historians, scientists and researchers such as Prof. Dr. Georgi Bakalov,Senior Research Fellow Dr. Petar Dobrev, Prof. Dr. Historical Science Georgi Markov etc. under the redaction of Prof. D. H. Sc. Aleksander Fol.

  • ISBN 10:954-9942-85-6
  • on bulgarian and french language
  • format 21 x 29 cm.
  • 168 p.
  • full color edition
  • leather binding
  • individual packaging

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