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TANGRA - the name of the foundation is a popular sound of the name of the god of the ancient Bulgarians, which, according to scientific research, means a philosophical trinity from the concepts of TAN (universe), NAC
(man), RA (god). It expresses one of the earliest conceptions of the unity and harmony of the world. Written records of this date back to the first millennium BC. TANGRA is one of the most ancient religious and cultural concepts in the history of mankind.

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About the work

In the book “The Bogomil Alternative” the Bogomil worship movement and the values of the Bogomil church are represented in the broad context of the dissident worship movements and churches on the Balkans in the period 4-14th centuries. The facts, analyses and conclusions in the research are, least to say,”surprising”.

Author: Veselina Kirilova Vachkova

  • ISBN 978-954-378-151-5
  • parallel text on bulgarian and english language
  • format 8/60/90
  • 319 p.
  • individual packaging

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