St. St. Kiril and Methodius - Original author's icon - 34/52 cm. - 23 carat cover "Varag"



About artist

Krasimir - Restorer and painter

He graduated restoration and conservation at the Art Academy, "Nikolay Pavlovich", Sofia.

-Restoration of ceramic icon "St. Teodor", Preslav, considered as the first Bulgarian icon (in team)
-Restoration and reconstruction of the world's only ceramic iconostasis from the reign of King Simeon
-Restoration of ceramics and icons of the National History Museum
-Restoration of the iconostasis in the church "St. Mary" in Sozopol
-Presentation of the Temple "St. George", Panagyurishte (in team)
-Presentation of the Temple "St. George", Sofia (in team)

Solo exhibitions of original iconography and museum copies in Prague, Mainz, Sofia, Varna, Vienna, Berlin.

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About the work


A centuries-old tradition of Bulgarian Arts lives on...

Today the icon is associated with moments of joy, it endows us with hope, protection, solace. Many of the patron saints are symbols of professional identity. The national saints preserve the sense of history. The icons are copies of original Bulgarian icons, painted with respect to the canons, the technology and the materials used in iconography for centuries. The method of painting is egg tempera wood.

The product is handmade and sometimes there may be differences between the picture and the product up to 5%.

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