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John Koukouzeles
[1] Slava Ottsu i Sinu / Lesser Doxology 1'10''
Petar Dinev
[2] Troparion to Saints Cyril and Methodius 1'17''
Dobri Hristov
[3] Tebe poem / We Hymn Thee from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom2'18''
Anonymous - Mode VIII
[4] Dostoino est / It Is Truly Meet 1'56''
Alexander Tekeliev
[5] Dostoino est / It Is Truly Meet 2'51''
Dobri Hristov
[6] Herouvimska No. 4 / Cherubic Hymn No4 5'35''
Anonymous - Mode V (Elena chant)
[7] Gospodi, pomilui / Lord, Have Mercy 1'37''
Ivan Spassov
[8] Holy Bulgarian Liturgy (excerpts) 5'38''
Alexander Tanev
[9] Tebe poem / We Hymn Thee 5'34''
[10] Ottche nash / Our Father 3'24''
Piotr Illitch Tchaikovsky
[11] Dostoino est / It Is Truly Meet 2'26''
Konstantin Shvedov
[12] Ne imami iniya pomoshchi / We Have No Other Help But Thee 2'35''
Pavel Chesnokov
[13] Svete tihii / O Gladsome Light, op. 9 No 21 2'27''
[14] Hvalite imya Gospodne / Praise the Name of The Lord, op. 9, No 231'50''
Dmitrii Noskov
[15] Vo vsyo zemlyu / Thy Proclamation 2'58''
Sergei Rachmaninov
[16] Bogoroditse, Devo, raduisya / Hail, O Virgin Theotokos from,"All-Night Vigil", op. 37 2'49''
Dmitrii Bortnyansky
[17] Gospodi, Bozhe Izrailev / O Lord, God of Israel (Sacred Concerto No 26)7'15''
DDD 53'40''
Sacred music, in recent years in particular, has taken a more and more considerable place in the repertoire of Bulgarian choirs. This refers also to one of the most prominent Bulgaria choirs - Vassil Arnaudov Sofia Chamber Choir, conducted by Theodora Pavlovitch. Founded in 1966, the choir has gained wide popularity and prestige both at home and abroad. Known as Lyubomir Pipkov Sofia Chamber Choir from 1976 until 1991, it was later renamed after its late conductor, Prof. Vassil Arnaudov (1933-1991). Over the years the Choir has been keeping a high vocal standard together with a rich and intriguing repertoire. The latter includes a capella forms and choral cycles by composers of various epochs and styles with particular attention to works by Bulgarian composers, some of them especially composed for the choir. Theodora Pavlovitch graduated from the Sofia State Academy of Music majoring in choral conducting and sound-engineering. A student and assistant of Prof. Arnaudov, she took over as conductor the Sofia Chamber Choir in 1991, following the overall artistic tradition established by her teacher. Today she is one of the most outstanding choir specialists. At present she is lecturer at the State Academy of Music in Sofia and associate professor in choral conducting at the Academy and at Sofia University . She has also been frequently invited as an adjudicator at international choral competitions, committee-member of the International Festival for Orthodox Music in Sofia, Board member of IFCM, Vice-President of EUROPA CANTAT EFYC and President of its Music Commission.
The present CD "Orthodox Chants" features works that cover a wide period of seven centuries (ranging between the 14th-20th c). The release (whose booklet also includes the respective texts of the chants) is like an anthology of the various styles of East-Orthodox church music.


The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is the oldest Slavic Orthodox Church.

If you want to learn more about the Bulgarian monasteries and listen the Bulgarian Orthodox Choir visit .

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