GD261 Отче Нашь - Pater Noster - Our Father



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Participating: Nicola Ghiuselev, Orlin Anastassov, staurophoros economos Mina Minchev, staurophoros economos Tosko Kazakin, Protodeacon Stefan Markov, Sofia Boys’ Choir conducted by Adriana Blagoeva, The Seven Saints Chamber Choir conducted by Dimitar Grigorov, Sofia Priest Choir conducted by Archpriest Kiril Popov, Sofia Orthodox Choir conducted by Miroslav Popsavov, Male Choir of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral – Sofia, conducted by Archpriest Kiril Popov, etc.

[1] Our Father – music Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky 4’30’’
[2] Glory to the Father– music St. John Koukouzeles 1’38’’
[3] Our Father– music Nikolai Kedrov 2’43’’
[4] O Only Begotten Son– music Peter Dinev 3’45”
[5] Our Father – music Peter Dinev 3’33’’
[6] Blessed Is the Man – music Grigoriy Lyubimov 4'44''
[7] Cherubic Song, mode 5 – Bolgarskii rozpev 6’01’’
[8] Praise Ye the Name of the Lord – music Dobri Hristov 3'57''
[9] Great Doxology - music Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky 6’49’’
[10] Our Father – music Dobri Hristov 2’45’’
[11] Litany of Fervent Supplication – music Alexander Grechaninov 5'58''
[12] The Creed – music Alexander Grechaninov 4’27''
[13] We Hymn Thee – music Priest Vassiliy Zinoviev 2'50''
[14] Our Father – Eastern chant, mode 5, arr. by Archpriest Kiril Popov 2'48"
[15] O God, Save Thy People – music Pavel Chesnokov 3’41’’
DDD 60’16’’
“Our Father” is the most important prayer in the Christian world. It is also called the Lord’s Prayer, as it was given by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Lord’s Prayer contains all the basic moral principles of the Christian faith. It is thus naturally called the Short Gospel. “Our Father” is said during each church service, and every Christian is obliged to say it three times a day before meals. Many melodies have been created on the basis of this prayer and a lot of choral works have been written, which are performed not only during worship, but also at concert stages. They are in the repertoire of choirs with a continued interest in the Orthodox Church music. Some of these works are included in the program along with other chants, like “The Creed” (Symbol of the Credo) – another church text, which is important for the Christians and which contains the main truths of Christian faith.


The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is the oldest Slavic Orthodox Church.

If you want to learn more about the Bulgarian monasteries and listen the Bulgarian Orthodox Choir visit .

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