Shopski folk region - dancing doll



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About the work

Ethnographic area: Shopska

Region: The village of Tran 

A young woman wearing traditional Shopski costume. They materials used are all organic and authentic, as well as materials appropriate for the characteristics of the specific element. 

TheShopski Region femalecostumeis of thesukmantypeforalmostallareasexcept for theKyustendilone, whereitis of theSayantype. Itconsists of an embroideredwhiteshirt and a woolentunic, whichiseitherdarkblueorblack in colour. Inthe region of Graovsko, thesukmanisblack and iscalled “litak”. Overthesukman, theyputona wovenwaistband (known as “poyas), also called “takanitsa” orredwaistbandinmost of these elements.

The face is hand-painted. 

The stand is made of wood.

Size of the composition: height – 32cm., stand – 14,5 x 15,5cm.

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