1. The Vendor offers all goods, displayed on the website, with a guarantee and date of expiry in compliance with the active legislation and policy of the manufacturer. Exceptions to this rule are some goods, such as the works of art and crafts, which can’t have a guarantee and date of expiry.

2. The Customer has the right to make reclamations or return the goods purchased on the online shop within 14 days from the date of receiving the goods.

3. The Customer can also refuse to take the goods at the time of delivery in front of the courier.

4. In the event of refusal to take the goods the Customer is obliged to return them in unspoiled form and with original label.

5. In the event of refusal to take the goods, if they were paid in advance, the Customer will get the reimbursement in cash or via bank transfer on a bank account, provided by the Customer.

6. If the Customer has paid by debit/credit card, the amount will be reimbursed directly into the same card he/she has used for the payment. No reimbursement is done until the Customer has returned the goods. If the goods are not returned within the 14-day gratis period no payment is reimbursed.

7. The Customer can make a reclamation of the goods if there are some discrepancies with the standards in the forms of:

a) manufacturing defects of the goods;
b) missing elements/parts of the goods;
c) receiving goods, different from the ones you have ordered;
d) differences in colour and size-when the goods you receive are different size or colour from the ones you have ordered;
e) damaged goods during the transportation;

8. The reclamation can be claimed to the Vendor at the given email: Тhe Customer has to return the reclaimed goods within 14 days of the time of receipt.

9. In the event of a reclamation the Customer can choose to:

• get the same goods they ordered but in the size/colour meeting their order criteria;
• choose a new item at the same price;
• choose a new item at a higher price and pay the difference;
• choose a new item at a lower price and get a reimbursement of the difference;
• get a full reimbursement of the amount paid for the returned goods;

10. In the event of reclamation and return of goods in the cases besides manufacturing defect and damages during the transportation is done under the following conditions:

• The goods are returned in their original selling outlook (the goods are not torn, scratched, worn, washed or ironed);
• There are no damages, caused by misuse;
• The original packaging and label are preserved;

11. The return of goods at refusal or reclamation can be done in the deadlines, stated in Article 2 and according to the conditions, stipulated in Articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 to the following address: GOSHOPPING LTD, 3 Pop Bogomil Street, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria.

12. The transportation costs for the return (exchange) of the goods are at the expenses of the Customer in both directions. When the exchange is due to mistakes of the Vendor, the transportation costs are at the expenses of the Vendor.

13. The information and the descriptions of the goods can be sometimes incomplete.

14. All goods, including those on sale or promotion, are sold and delivered while stock lasts even if this is not explicitly mentioned on the website.

15. The general terms and conditions are obligatory for all Customers of the online shop.

16. Every use of the website means that:

• You have read, understand and agree with the general terms of use;
• You agree and obey to the general terms and conditions unconditionally;

17. The general terms and conditions can be changed one-sidedly by the Vendor аt any time by publishing the amended version on the website. The changes take into effect immediately and are obligatory for all Customers.

18. The Vendor has the right to make changes in the terms of use at any time at his/her decision or if they are made necessary in order to comply with a newly stipulated legislation. The changes may have a retroactive effect on already delivered or ordered goods.

19. In any case of incurred changes in the general terms and conditions, the Vendor will inform the Customers by publishing those changes on the website. In this case, it is the Customer’s responsibility to check for eventual changes in the general terms and conditions every time they use the website.

20. If any of the clauses of these general terms and conditions become inapplicable, regardless of the reason for that, this doesn’t affect the applicability of the other clauses.

21. The Vendor makes a lot of efforts to maintain the accuracy of the information on the website. However, having in mind the likelihood of technical mistakes or information lapses, the Vendor clarifies that the images have informative and illustrative function only and the delivered goods may differ from the images due to changes in the characteristics or design of the product.

22. The characteristics and prices of the goods, displayed on the website can be changed by the Vendor at any time and/or can have technical mistakes. The Vendor can refuse the order under the following conditions:

• at quoted zero price for a given product;
• at quoted unrealistically low price compared to other similar items on the website;

23. The website can have links to other websites. The Vendor bears no liability for the confidentiality policy of other websites, which are not administered by the Vendor, neither for any information displayed on those websites.

24. After registering an order on the website, the Customer must agree and state his/her desire to receive the goods from the Vendor with the agreed payment methods via telephone or email.

25. The Vendor will send the Customer an order confirmation either by email or by phone.

26. The Vendor has the right not to deliver parts of the order or the whole order at its discrepancy not only due to shortage of stock or change of prices. In any such cases the Vendor will inform the Customer by email or telephone. The only liability of the Vendor in such cases is to reimburse the Customer the eventually paid amount for the goods.

27. The online order is considered complete at the moment when the Customer receives an email notification from the Vendor informing that the Vendor is ready to send the goods to the address given by the Customer upon the agreed delivery and payment methods and in compliance with the pricing and company policies of the Vendor.

28. The sales contract between the Vendor and the Customer consists of the General Terms and Conditions and the information given by the Customer on the website.

29. The access to the website for the purposes of registering an order is allowed to any Customer.

30. The Vendor has the right to limit the access to the website.

31. The Customer has the right to express his/her opinion about the goods, to contact the Vendor at the given contact details in the “Contact” section of the website or by telephone. The Vendor has the right to process the information given by the Customer without having to motivate his processing actions. Every Customer can have only one registration using one Customer account on the website.

32. The communication with the Vendor can be made via direct contact on the given contact information in the “Contacts” section on the website. The Vendor has the freedom to use the information given on the website without having to justify its use.

33. The Vendor can publish advertising or promotional information about the goods or the promotions offered by him or other partners for a period of time, as well as information about the stock availability.

34. All prices quoted in EURO on the website are final, inclusive of all taxes, required by law.

35. In the event of online payments or bank transfers, the Vendor doesn’t bear any liability for taxes, commissions or other additional payments the Customer has to make in order to complete the transaction. The expenses incurred during such payments are solely at the expense of the Customer.

36. All images on the website have illustrative purpose for the type of product offered and may not represent the goods in details. The Customer has no right to seek liability of the Vendor for any discrepancies between original product and product displayed on the website based on visualization criteria.